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Discuss the clinical care activity in relation to quality and safety,Understanding of quality and safety in healthcare, including organisational and nursing strategies for care delivery, and evaluation of standards of care

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Identify and explain the aims and core business of health institutions from the perspective of both the organisation and the nursing sector within the organisation

Identify and explain Process data and Outcome data in the context of quality and safety in health care
Use one (1) example of a clinical care activity for which process and outcome data is collected to:

Discuss the clinical care activity in relation to quality and safety,
Critically analyse scholarly literature and relevant resources to discuss the process and outcome data collected about that activity,
Discuss how these data are used in relation to quality and safety in health care institutions.

Marking Criteria

CRITERIA ONE: Context and Identified Data

Clearly identifies the aims and core business of health care institutions
Clearly defines and discusses Process Data particularly in relation to safety and quality in health care and nursing
Cleary defines and discusses Outcome Data in relations to quality and safety in health care and nursing
Uses scholarly literature and other appropriate resources to support the discussion.

CRITERIA TWO: Analysis and Application through use of example

Specifically and succinctly identifies and discusses one example of an clinical care activity in relation to safety and quality, for which process data and outcome data can be identified (10)
Clear critical analysis of scholarly literature to support the following: (20)

− Discussion of what process data may be collected and the rationale for collection of such data

− Discussion of what outcome data may be collected and the rationale for collection of such data

Critically discusses how the both the process data and outcome data may be used to improve quality and safety for patients (10)


Formatted and presented according to the Assignment Writing and Referencing Guidelines.
An opening paragraph that contextualises the written paper and clearly identifies its aim
Logically developed argument throughout
Has a concluding paragraph that summarises the overall argument in the assignment without

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