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Although this part of the assessment is not graded, you still need to complete it and submit it. This activity is meant to help build your knowledge in preparation to complete Part 2 and for use in your Integrative Business Capstone project in STRCB/581.
Choose 3 quantitative elements from the company you selected in Competency 2, Part 1.
Develop forecasts by implementing the following approach:

Collect data, including old demand forecast (subjective data) and the actual demand outcomes.
Establish the forecasting method (from readings). Decide on the balance between subjective and objective data and look for trends and seasonality.
Forecast future demand using a forecasting method.
Make decisions based on step 3.
Measure the forecast error where applicable. Look for biases and improve the process.

Write a 525- to 700-word paper evaluating and summarizing the findings from the supported data points above. Insert the charts and supporting data from Excel and other tools in your paper.
Continue to Part 2: Supply Chain Operations Plan.
Use the company that you chose to work with in the second Competency Assessment of this course, which is the company you will use for your entire business plan.
Build a supply chain plan and diagram for the company by analyzing factors that affect sourcing, logistics, metrics, suppliers, and risk.
Create your supply chain diagram using one of the following tools:

Other faculty-approved platform

Write an 875-word analysis of the supply chain operations plan. Include the following in your analysis:

A visual depiction of your supply chain diagram
Your supply chain plan
Value chain and flow of structure
Outputs, including customer service structure
Inventory points and forecasting
Sourcing activities

Submit your assignment.


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