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Case study
A case study where person centered therapy was used to treat a specific disorder.
Look for a case study
You can modify the case study, marks will be given for creativity
Refer to criteria
Format & marking criteria for Case study
Chapter 1:Introduction
Overview of the therapeutic method.
5 marks
Chapter 2: Literature Review & Discussion
Description of the case study in detail & method used to resolve the problem
25 marks
Chapter 3: reflection/analysis and Conclusion
critical analysis of case study in respect to the method used, effectiveness of the method reflection conclusion; briefly restate your main argument, evaluate your ideas and summarise your conclusions
20 marks
Chapter 4 : references
Referencing Harvard style
word limit: 2800 words for Case Study Marks : 50% for Case Study Deadline: 15thJune 2021 Your assignment must be submitted together with a Turnitin report, indicating the similarity index which must not exceed 20%.

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