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Transformational leadership theory is one of the most widely accepted and implemented theories in modern
leadership. Stemming from Burns’ (1978) seminal work in the field in his book “Transforming Leadership,” the
theory described a continuum from the transactional leader (give me this and I will give you that), and the
transformational leader (let’s make one another better, and build a better organization together). On the
complete opposite side of the continuum from transformational leadership is non-leadership, or laissez-faire
leadership. Pointing to Mahatma Gandhi as a classic example of a transformational leader, Burns (1978)
described a leadership style referred to by Northouse (2018) as “the process whereby a person engages with
others and creates a connection that raises the level of motivation and morality in both the leader and the
follower.” In making the connection between this type of leadership and Gandhi as an example, Northouse
states that “Gandhi raises the hopes and demands of millions of his people and in the process was changed
Read below and write an essay about transformational leadership.
1) Perform research and describe a team or organization that uses a transformational approach.
2) Compare the transformational environment you outlined above to a non-leadership environment (laissezfaire).
3) What are the key differences between the two approaches?
4) In terms of morale, productivity, and overall commitment, what do you think the key differences are between
organizations that use a transformational approach and those with non-leaders?

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