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Note: Review the PowerPoint Presentation Template available through the Walden Writing Center (). While this template provides a general outline that may be used to help inform your presentation, you are urged to use individual creativity in the development of your presentation to the hospital administrator.

To complete the assessment, read the following instructions. Then, create a 12-to-15 slide presentation (excluding the cover and reference slide) that presents performance comparisons of two healthcare facilities.


The administrator for your healthcare organization is asking nurse leaders to understand how quality of care is measured as well as determine what each nurse can do to make an impact on areas that need improvement in healthcare organizations. Each nurse leader is asked to gather pertinent data from two organizations and to compare this data to assess performance. State and national averages should be identified when using the benchmark data from the Compare sites and should be used to compile a presentation to the hospital administrator.

In response to your administrator’s request, you will brainstorm and create a presentation that will highlight performance comparisons for twohealthcare organizations. Note, you should compare two of the same healthcare organization type (example: if you select a hospital, you will need to select an additional hospital for the comparison; if you select a home health agency, you will need to select an additional home health agency for the comparison).

Be sure to base the information for your presentation on your clinical experience. Review the data from the Compare sites and brainstorm on what the data may be highlighting and indicating relative to each healthcare organization’s performance. Your presentation should contain the following sections:

  1. Cover slide with name and title (1 slide)
  2. Identify and describe any potential factors that may account for differences in performance measures. (2-3 slides)
  3. Explain how these differences in performance measures might impact nursing practice. (2-3 slides)
  4. Describe the publicly reported data on the quality and safety of care for TWOof the following organizations. Select hospitals, nursing homes, ORhome health agencies, and describe the data listed under the organizations in your comparison: (6 slides)
    1. Hospitals
      (Choose one of the following to compare two hospitals)
      1. Patient Survey Results
      2. Timely and Effective Care
      3. Readmissions, Complications, and Deaths
      4. Linking Quality to Payment
      5. Medicare Volume
    2. Nursing Homes
      (Choose one of the following to compare two nursing homes)
      1. Overall Rating
      2. Health Inspections
      3. Staffing
      4. Quality Measures
    3. Home Health Agencies
      (Choose one of the following to compare two home health agencies)
      1. Quality of Patient Care
      2. Patient Survey Results
  5. Provide recommendations that are supported by the research literature for clinical decisions systems that may potentially explain why the healthcare organizations are performing well, including an explanation of what you, as a nurse leader might continue doing to sustain a high level of performance ORwhy the healthcare organizations are not meeting standards, including an explanation of what you, as a nurse leader might do to help reach standards in the selected healthcare organizations. Be sure to cite at least3 scholarly resources to support your recommendations. (2-3 slides)
  6. Reference slide that cites all resources consulted and used to support the development of your presentation (1 slide)

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